Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 77 - February 6, 2017

Hello, everyone!

We have had another week here in Phila!  Went by so fast... already onto the third week of the transfer. Crazy.

Our investigators are all doing really well.
Kelly is just the most amazing person out there.  She is just soaking everything up like a sponge.  She loves loves loves the gospel and is just so on top of everything.  She made a comment the other day how if somebody would have told her four years ago that she would be meeting with Mormon missionaries preparing to be baptized, she would have laughed in their faces, but she says that this has been one of the greatest choices she has ever made. She talked about how the 12-step program for overcoming addiction has direct parallels to the gospel, and I told her it's how we get atheist people to live the gospel without them realizing it.  She, being a former atheist, got a kick out of that. 

The members are literally like arguing to come teaching with us to see our investigators... we brought our dinner calendar to church for the first time today and I think it was gone for like 30 minutes and by the time we got it back, the whole month had been filled out... wow. 

Tai, our Vietnamese investigator, is doing so well.  He is the sweetest kid ever.  He took a picture of Elder Andrus and me and posted it on Facebook and all his Vietnamese friends were commenting.  It was funny.  We have some great members who fellowship him.  He just reads and reads and reads "Gospel Principles" in Vietnamese.  We also got him a Vietnamese Book of Mormon, too!

Tom, our investigator who is getting baptized in three weeks, just got his tonsils taken out. We were able to see him before the procedure, and I was able to give him a blessing.  It was great.  It took a lot of humility on his part to accept it as he has never really received one before, but I am grateful for Tom.  He's a good example to me.  Pray for him.

This week, I was actually able to see one of my former investigators from Cherry Hill-- Alanna.  She is so awesome.  She hasn't been baptized yet, but she is going to be coming to the YSA next week.  We were able to have dinner and a lesson at her house.  It was fun to teach her again, she is so great.  She is actually engaged now........ but her wedding isn't for like two years?  Not sure how that works out, but okay. 

We had our Mission Leadership Council with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders this week.  That was fun.  The Area Seventy, Elder Kunz, came and presented to us--pretty cool guy.  He knows what he is talking about.  It's always fun being around the Mission Presidency and other guest speakers listening to what they have to say and being able to train alongside them.  Our Mission President is going to be a General Authority, probably an Apostle - he is seriously the most incredible person. 
(The Lineage--far right to far left of which missionary trained the next missionary.)
We got some noise complaints a few weeks ago with all of the incoming missionaries and departing missionaries, so we have been forced out of our apartment.  We had one day to move - we failed.  It was such a hassle, taking down and putting back up 10 bunk beds alone is no fun.  Oh well.  We were allotted a bit more time.

Today for p-day we get to spend with President planning for Zone Conference which is on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.  We are super pumped to go see the mission again!  We are also picking up a golden from the airport, should be fun! 

GO Pats. 

Well, not too much more to add.  Life is good, the Philly YSA is great, the gospel is true.  It makes one happy, just live it.  The Dream Team continues. 

Elder Wilde

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