Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 8 - October 12, 2015

How ya Phil?  How ya Phil!
Ugh everyone says that here and it's super
catchy..... I may start to use it - don't hate me lol

Hope ya all had an amazing week!  Time is just flying, huh?!
I had quite an incredible... Interesting week to say the least.  It was
a huge eye-opener to me.  It may be one of my longer e-mails because it
requires some explaining, but here we go!

1. Tuesday - I went on exchanges with the district leader.  Tuesday night
around 8:00, we just visited someone and we were walking out on the
sidewalk and there was a man on his stairs.  He was completely passed
out and as we were walking, he fell over and slammed his head against
the concrete edge of the stairs.  You can't just walk by someone who slammed their head on the cement. I knew I needed to stay and try and to help him, so I tried lifting him up and setting him against the wall.  I could smell his breath.  He had drank a ton, but then I saw needle marks in his arms so I knew he had
some sort of overdose + drank a ton.  I kinda started patting him on
the back and trying to help him regain consciousness.  I then poured the water
I had left over, on his face.  The guy was out COLD.  The neighbors said
that he had been lying there for five hours completely passed out.  I was
in awe!  Anyways, I was like, "We need to call an ambulance," so I called
them, and they came within seconds.  I was able to snag a few pics on
my iPad to try and capture the moment so you can see. 
It was crazy!  I
was able to sneak a little picture of Jesus in his back pocket :-)
anyways that was quite interesting ... Just goes to show what that
kind of stuff can do to you!  Be careful...


2. Elder Andrus and I were talking about his girlfriend one night, and
he was like, "Man... I don't know if she is going to try and go on a
mission.  If she goes, I won't see her for three and a half years...
Like what do I do?" and all that kind of stuff.  Ultimately we came to
the conclusion that it would be amazing if she went on a mission and
that the Lord's timing is perfect, and if it's meant to be, it's meant to
be.  But that night in our companionship prayer, I basically said,
"Please bless Elder Andrus' friend to know if a mission is the right thing for her
and for her to be able to make the right choice."  The next morning, Elder
Andrus checks his iPad.... And she had e-mailed him saying she
had decided to GO on a mission... Elder Andrus and I were in awe!
Prayers are answered.

3. OKAY, so here comes the story - We have been teaching this woman
named Bishnu.  Her husband is not a member but she is.  Her husband
hates when she meets with us because he is Buddhist, but we meet with
her anyways.  However, we hadn't seen her in the past two weeks, so
Thursday night it was like 8:30 and we were walking home and Elder
Andrus was like, "I feel as if we should really stop by Bishnu's home tonight,"
so we did.  We caught up with her and she told us that she has been
super stressed because she is packing to move to Ohio and that her
newborn baby is super sick.  She said she took her baby to the hospital
multiple times and the doctors don't know what's wrong with the baby.
Apparently, for the past two weeks she had been continuously asking her
husband to have either Elder Andrus or I give the baby a blessing, but
he kept saying no - but finally he gave us permission to do it because
the baby was getting REALLY ill.  So before we left, we were like, "Can we
do anything for you?  She was like, "Yes, could you give my baby a
blessing?"  Elder Andrus looked right at me.  I had never given a
blessing before, so he wanted this to be my first... So first Elder
Andrus consecrated the oil and blessed the oil and put it on the
baby's head.  Then I laid my hands upon this baby's head and said,
"Ramir Rossa, by the power of the Melchizedek Priesthood which I have . . ."
and then my whole body just started shaking just like completely
overcome by the Spirit, no joke, and I continued to give the blessing
and said a lot of stuff and then closed, "In the name of Jesus Christ,
We made our way home and my whole entire body was STILL
shaking... I didn't say a word the whole way home - We were about
to enter the house and Elder Andrus was like, "Do you remember anything
you just said in that blessing?" and I said, "Not one word," and he was
like, "God spoke through you, that was not you speaking."  I was
astonished... Anyways fast forward to the morning.  We were doing our
studies - we get a call from Bishnu telling us that she wants us to
come over, so we do... She and her husband are just in TEARS.... Her
baby was sitting there bouncing up and down smiling looking absolutely
PERFECT.... They both just hugged us and thanked us... I told them
"Don't thank me, thank Him"... It was quite incredible... Then that
day we returned home to finish our studies and I read a verse - this
is Jesus Christ speaking:  "For I perceive that ye desire that I should
show unto you what I have done unto your brethren at Jerusalem, for I
see that your faith is sufficient that I should heal you," so the
mother, Bishnu had faith that it would work, the baby being a new born
obviously was q perfect being so it had that faith, and then I had
that faith.... And that baby was healed.  I am still just... I can't
even describe that experience

4. Saturday afternoon we had a lesson with someone and they weren't
home so we called them and they were like, "Oh, we will be home in 10
minutes."  Elder Andrus was like, "Let's go stop by some people and come
back," and I was like, "No... Let's stay here and just wait..."  Then Elder
Andrus, and I quote said, "I really feel like we should just leave, go visit
some people and come back," and so I was like... "Alright, whatever
fine..." We came back 10 minutes later, and four men come sprinting up
to us right in front of the house we were going to, and they were like,
"WHERE DID THEY GO?  DID YOU SEE THEM?" and we were like, "What are you talking about...?"  Then they said that five minutes ago they were just
held at gun point in front of this person's house and they were robbed
of everything... Elder Andrus and I just looked at each other and were
like... "That could have been us... We literally could have just been
robbed if I didn't listen to Elder Andrus... He  was like, "The Spirit
told me to leave.  I knew we had to leave for a reason."

5. I am baptizing a teenager next Sunday... It's the best early
birthday present I could ever ask for... It's going to be amazing.

6. We were walking down the road I think on Wednesday and this
Black guy starts yelling at us cussing us out calling us "Jehovah's
Witnesses..."  And so I turned around and was like, "Yo, I'm Mormon, not a
J.W."  And he was like, "A who?"  And so we started talking to him and he
was like... "This stuff is incredible.  Please, please come to my home and
teach me and my family..."  So we have been teaching him and his family
the past few days... Quite interesting stories behind that, but it
takes too long to get into.  He has a very ... 'Colorful language' to
say the least lol!

Anyways last thing, Elder Andrus and I Saturday night after that whole
getting rob thing went down, we had a hugeeeeeeeee heart to heart about
the gospel and church and everything... And we both just said that we
see miracles out here every single day and that we have been blessed
our whole entire life.  We were just too blinded to see it, but now we see
it.  I truly do believe God has got our backs because there has been
multiple MULTIPLE times that I could have been seriously hurt or

Our first transfer is up (transfer is a month and a half, then you can
either get called to leave your area or stay)  Elder Andrus and I were
called to stay in South Philly, I'm hyped!

(This is what you look like when you're told you get to stay in South Philly!)

Scripture of the week
"Wherefore, I the Lord ask you this question - unto what were ye ordained?
To preach my gospel by the Spirit, even the Comforter which was sent
to teach the truth."  Doctrine & Covenants 50:13-14

Pray for my mother, hope that Canadian medicine decides to help out!
Also, lol at my older brother.  He thinks he knows Wildlife?  I had a
centipede crawl on my leg while I was working out... Get on my level!

Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Parker Wilde

 (Elder Wilde went bowling no Friday.) 
 (Elder Andrus has a birthday coming up.  He received a gift card to Cheesecake Factory.  They were both pretty happy about that!)
 (Sharing the gospel!)

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