Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 33 - April 4, 2016

Hello, everyone! 

Well, the transfer is over and I will be getting my new
companion tomorrow!  I'm nervous and excited.  It was hard to say bye to
Elder Tryon.  He is such a stud.  I'm excited for him and the
experiences he has in the future!
This week was great.  Really don't have too much to write about this
week.  Really enjoyed General Conference.  I'd say the three themes they
talked about were:  1.  Humility vs. pride  2.  Knowing who you are and
3. Temples.
I'll be sure to share some of my favorite parts of the talks with you
all next week.

Some things I jotted down that stuck out to me were:

- We live in a world that can cause us to forget who we are.  With all
of the stresses, distractions, and temptations of the world, we forget
that we are children of a loving God.
- God sees us who we can become and not who we are at this very
moment.  "We all know a Saul who has the potential to become a Paul."
(Turn from wickedness to righteousness)
- *Jesus Christ is the greatest leader because he is the greatest
follower.*  True disciples help others come unto Christ; leadership
doesn't come from having an enthusiastic, upbeat personality; it comes
from being righteous.
- Most people are as happy as they make their lives out to be.  "Seek
and ye shall find. " If you're looking for bad in people you'll find it,
if you're looking for good you'll find it.  What are you looking for?
- The secret to happiness = having a love of God in your heart
- Remember who you are and who God expects you to become.
- It's better to take the long way if it's the right way than to take the
short and easy way when that is the wrong way.
I'm sure there was lots more, but that's a few things that stuck out to me.
I love hearing the testimonies of the leaders of the church.  They are
so powerful; nobody can deny that they are special witnesses, and if
 someone does deny it - they are wrong.
We are teaching this 19 year old girl, Amy.  Her boyfriend is our 
Ward Mission Leader's son.  She is awesome and very prepared.  She doesn't
come from a religious background whatsoever, and she is the first person
I have ever taught that doesn't have any type of relationship; we were
able to teach her the Restoration, and what a powerful spiritual lesson
it was!  I'm excited for her; she will be baptized for sure.
When I teach the Restoration, I get very excited.  I love it.  It's
beautiful.  It's true.  It makes sense, it feels right, it is what the
world has been waiting for.  It's what has been prophesied about for
years and years and years.  While others lack answers to some of the
most important questions of life, I'm so grateful for the knowledge
and peace the restored gospel brings into my life and the lives of
those around me.
Rosa, the Hispanic lady we tracted out into that is a member, came
home from church that Sunday and her atheist husband threw a bunch
of anti-Mormon stuff at her face and told her that she could either
leave the church and stay with him or stay with the church and she
would be kicked out - she chose the Church and is now looking for a
home.  That is faith right there.  She watched every session of
conference and reads the Book of Mormon all day.  She's
God bless.

Elder Wilde

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