Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 35 - April 18, 2016


Oh man, I can't believe it... Incredible.  Sad I couldn't
see it happen.  Congratulations to them though.  I'm only missing the
greatest season in NBA history.... Maybe that's why they are being so
blessed. Ha!
Happy 22nd birthday to my older brother, Bracken!  Man, can't believe
it's been almost three years without seeing him.. Crazy.  Love you,

Anywho, another week come and gone.  It was a great week here.  Bayview
is growing on me.  We have some good things coming up in the near
future which we are excited for!
We were able to have our last interviews with our Mission President.
It was great, really like that man.  I can't believe he's leaving, his
3 years are up in June!  Nervous to get a new President, it won't be
the same.  Anyways, always nice to get feedback from him.  He shined our
shoes at the end.  Reminded me of the Savior cleaning the Apostles'
feet.  I wonder if he did that on purpose... Hmmm.
 (Elder Parker said he and his companion were able to ride in a member's army truck.)

 (Crab pots)
 (From one bay to another.)

 (Elder Wilde and his companion with a member.)

I will talk about a few people we are teaching in this email.
Amy - she is awesome, absorbs everything like a sponge.  We taught her
the Plan of Salvation this week (God's plan for us), and she was ALL
over it, loved it.  She even told us in class they were studying the
"Mormon migration" and someone said something wrong related to the
church and she got up and was basically like, "Um no, that is
incorrect.  I am meeting with the missionaries from that church and my
boyfriend is a member of that church and it's the true church!" ...
Pretty solid investigator to me haha!  We have a baptismal date for her
middle of May!
Rosa - she is even more amazing... she's gone through it all.  Poor
lady, she's going straight to the top that's for sure.  Everyone in the
church loves her.  She will be getting baptized in two weeks (we don't
have her records so we aren't sure if she was ever baptized).  We are
really excited for that.  Pray for her, she has a difficult home life.
If you want a definition of someone who perseveres through trials by
relying on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, she is the prime example.
She is teaching me!
Timothy - Muslim/Christian guy, super awesome.  Extremely knowledgeable
about the gospel.  We had a neat experience with him this week.  A close
friend of his died this week and he was basically like, "I want to go
inside your temple and be baptized for him," and we were basically like,
"Well, you need to get baptized and be a worthy member."  He
basically told us, "I will be at your church next week.  I swear nothing
will stop me.  I have to come and I want to get baptized."  Pretty neat
experience.  Our church is so blessed to have the knowledge of temples
and being able to do things for our families, friends etc. who have
passed away.
Andreas - he's a teenager... lol, enough said.  He loves when we come
over and feels the Spirit, but it's what he does when we aren't over.
We basically told him he needs to repent because he's on a dangerous
little path.  He agreed.  We shall see.
Martinez family - part member, two unbaptized children.  The husband WAS
addicted to coffee, my last companion and I met with him about 5 weeks
ago and helped him get on this plan to stop drinking so much - we met
with them the other day and he's been coffee free for two weeks and
asked for Sundays off work.  Hopefully we will be able to help him
baptize his children in a few weeks.
George - inactive member, left a football scholarship to serve
a mission and then got ran over by a car in a gang related attack on
his mission, has felt some sort of resentment for many years.  We have
been going over there and making crab pots getting to know him...
Tough life.  Anyways, pray for him.
As for the other people, we hope and pray that we will be able to work
with a few new part member families.  Pray for us!
In a talk titled, "Do I Believe" this last conference (one of my
favorites), something really stuck out to me - the speaker listed off
all these bold claims that we as a church make and how we are the true
church of Jesus Christ and much more, and afterwards she said
something that really stuck out to me...: "If these things are true,
then we have the greatest message of hope and help that the world has
ever known.  Believing them is a matter of eternal significance for us
and for those we love."

(Click on the link above to read or listen to the message Elder Wilde is referring to.)
That stuck out to me, we - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints has the best, most amazing, most beautiful message this whole
world has to offer, and I know it's true, and if I didn't I would have
been at the Warriors game the other day!  That has to say something.
Love you all - God bless.

Elder Wilde

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