Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week 38 - May 11, 2016

Hey there!

Today is my Pday.  I actually just got home from the Washington DC Temple.
I was so happy I was able to talk to my family this week.  It was so
great seeing them.  I love them to bits and pieces!  Talk again in 8
 (Elder Wilde was so happy to wish his mother a Happy Mothers' Day!)
(Elder Wilde's family, minus his older brother who is attending college after returning 
from his two-year mission.)

(The four Wilde brothers.)
So this week I got a new companion, my old companion went home to
Washington State.  My new companion... I can't say his name right and
it has been three days.  It's impossible to say.  He's from Hawaii.  Super
jacked short Hawaiian.  He's hilarious!   We have had a great time the
past few days.  His name is Elder Makuakane!  He's been out for almost
six months.
Anywho, it's been a super great week so far and it's going to continue
to be a great week.  I don't have all that much to report on
considering I just called home.
I'll share today's temple experience and send a few pics.

Well, it was a rainy day unfortunately.  On the way there, I said a little prayer for it to stop raining and within two minutes or so all the rain was gone away, it was incredible!  The two ladies we took--Rosa and Cece--absolutely loved the temple.  They did baptisms for their family.  Rosa was crying so much during it; she felt the Spirit so much and she was so happy that she was able to do this for her grandparents.  It was beautiful to see her like that!  I'm so happy to know that the truth of being able to do baptisms and other ordinances for ancestors was restored to the earth allowing us to give us and them the opportunity to be with eachother again someday!

 (Rosa's Text of Appreciation after the baptisms of her ancestors.)

Love you all.  Hope you have a wonderful week.  Sorry so short this week, not too much to report on! Elder Wilde

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