Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 40 - May 23, 2016

Hello, there!

What a wonderful week it was here in Cecil County :)  The mushroom farms
are continuing to smell more and more, the rain continues to douse us,
the Amish are parking their buggies in car parking spots and taking up
everyone's parking spaces, and the flies are more annoying then ever!
We had a very successful week.  We found a family of six who are just
AWESOME and then we found a couple in their mid 40's and a Hispanic
family and a young man, 20 years old named PJ (he is elect for sure, I
could tell by his name).
We have a few more people who have accepted a baptismal date, very
exciting!  We are being very blessed.
Amy is preparing for her baptismal date in two weeks which we are all
excited for.  Watching her change, learn and gain a testimony has been
super cool.  It is just nice to teach someone the basics of the basics
and then watch her learn for herself if all this is true.  She loves
it.  Her boyfriend gave a talk in church yesterday about "How the
Missionaries (us) Teaching his Girlfriend has Strengthened his
Testimony."  It was sweet.  We got a few shout outs :) ha!

I shall share a few neat experiences -------------------------------- 

Saturday we are coming back from the northern part of our area, had a
few lessons up there, and it just started pouring, and we were both
like......... We don't want to tract in the pouring rain.  We prayed
about what we should do then sat there and conversed and we decided we
should text a member and ask if we can stop by and say hi.  The member
replied instantly and said he would be home in two minutes and how odd
it was that we texted him because we was about to do the same.  When we
got to his home, he was with one of his non-member friends who I've
taught before, but he lives out of town and only comes here on
occasion.  The member told us he had just come back in town today and
that he was out of the house all day, but the second we texted him,
they were pulling into the drive way.  I'm pretty close with his non-member friend.  

We joke around a lot and obviously I talk to him about
the Church.  It was just a neat experience.  The Spirit definitely
impressed both of us to text the member and get over there - obviously
we were suppose to be there to see his non-member friend and
fellowship with him, so that was really cool.  He'll get baptized soon.
Then shortly after, the member asked to take us out to dinner and we
would never deny dinner, so we said, "Sure."  The Sisters are teaching this
14 year old young boy, who is very sweet.  Anywho, the member
and I were in the car and we both just kind of started talking about
him, and we were like... he needs to come to dinner with us.  We drove
to his house and he was like, "Elder Wilde, go get him..." (he had no idea
we were coming), so I went inside this kid's house (the door was open)
... and his dad was just SCREAMING at him and he was like, "Oh hey, youre
the guy from the church!"  "Yes, that is I," and I told him come to dinner
with us.  "We want you to come with us!"  He was like... "Man, thank you so
much for coming.  My dad is in one of his moods and I needed to get out of
here..."   We had an awesome night.  He is super excited to get baptized
in the church.  Just another spiritual prompting we acted on and
amazing things came from it! 

 Ministering means doing “the work of the Lord on the earth” and helping others to become true followers of Jesus Christ.

One of the families that we tracted into, the couple.  We knocked on
their door and I gave my little church missionary intro thing and they
were like, "No, we are okay......." and I definitely felt prompted from
the Spirit to ask again and be a little more bold, so i said, "Hey,
please let us in.  We have a message that you have been waiting to hear
that can change your life, so please let us in".... They let us in...
we had an amazing spiritual lesson... The Spirit confirmed to them the
church was true and.......... yeah, they are amazing and will
hopefully getting baptized in eight weeks.  They have already read bits and
pieces of the Book of Mormon and were so interested and enlightened.  It
was so cool to listen to them ask questions and talk about it.  

had a few instances on my mission where I felt the Spirit tell me to
not give up and that I needed to ask again and be more bold.
Whenever I act on that prompting, we get in the home and have a
wonderful time.

This one was kind of funny - so back in my hey day, I use to love
skateboarding.  I was pretty good, too.  Seems when I get good at
something, I tend to give up because I get bored.  Maybe that's not the
reason, I don't know.  Skateboarding, soccer, etc.  

Anyways, we were
trying to contact a part-member family and there was this group of
teenage kids skateboarding.  I went over to them and I was playing
really dumb.  I was like, "Hey, can you do a jump?"  They started laughing,
"This white boy" (they were Hispanics...), talking to us
calling an ollie a jump" and anyways, I was like, "Hey, show me how to do
it and if I can do an 'ollie,' I get to teach you a message about Jesus
Christ!   They all started laughing, and they were like, "You won't be able
to do it, especailly not in those shoes!"  So I said, "Ok, give me three
tries.  They all agreed to let me teach them if I could do it (first of
all, I know I'm suppose to be Christlike, but they sucked at
skateboarding.  It was hilarious to watch them), so my first attempt I
purposely failed and then same with my second and they were all
laughing.  Then I was like, "Hey hey, I have one more try!"  So my last try,
I did a really really good ollie, picked up the skateboard handed it
to the kid and said, "Here, you can use this to sit down on," and then I
taught all of them.  It was funny.  Sorry, Dad, my shoes were a little
scuffed after that." - I polished them up though :) 

 Anyways, lots of other awesome stuff happened this week.  
Something I really learned this week which has been a
continuous thing I have learned throughout my mission was to NEVER
EVER delay a prompting that the Spirit has given you - always act on
it right away and do as much as you can to be in tune to the Spirit.  I
definitely have seen MIRACLES orchestrated by God for sure on my
mission, many undeniable experiences that has built my testimony.  I'm
grateful to be a set apart, ordained minister of the Lord.  It's the
best.  I love helping people, the gospel blesses lives.  Wouldn't want to
be doing anything else!  

God bless - 

Elder Wilde

P.S . Go, Warriors :-) 

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