Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 75 - January 23, 2017

Hey, everyone!

Hope you're all doing well.  Today is my P-day, well kind of, still have a lot of transfer plans to do but the next few days including today are super busy, so we just went to the temple and will be getting back to work for transfers pretty shortly!  

The temple was great.  It was cool.  The bishop and his wife from my previous area, Cherry Hill, were actually doing the sealing for her parents and so they were there as well as a bunch of other people from the ward that I served in, and we were all in the same temple session.  Love all those people, but to put the cherry on top (no pun intended), Beena, one of my recent converts was at the temple too!  And I saw her and surprised her and she said, "God knows my heart.  I was praying that I could see you today that you would be at the temple, God knows."  She was in tears and couldn't contain herself in the temple.  I had to quiet her down lol.  She is seriously incredible.  I love her!

Life is good over here in Phila.  We have been swamped with transfers.

Elder Winstanley, as of just recently, was just asked to fulfill a different position in the mission, so now it will be Elder Andrus and I together.  Sad though.  We got a lot of good ball in in the morning. 
We have had some great lessons this week with some of our investigators.  Tom will be getting baptized in two weeks or so.  He's getting his tonsils out. 
This week I started the Book of Mormon over again in a brand new blue one, and I am reading the Book of Mormon with a focus on Christlike characteristics from "Preach My Gospel."  I have learned so much about a few characteristics in specific - faith, patience, humility, charity, and obedience.  I love the Book of Mormon and what the Spirit teaches me as I read it. 

I've learned many things on my mission and one thing that I learned which was reemphasized as I read the first 9 chapters is that complaining, transferring blame, and justifications never have and never will get you anywhere.  Those who complain, transfer blame, and justify lack a firm relationship with God and are staying stagnant and even regressing on their journey to becomes perfect like Christ.  I respect those who humble themselves, take correction and overcome their weaknesses, regardless of how hard it may be, and rise from the dust and become men and women of God. 
I am thankful for the Atonement of Christ which makes this all possible. 

Elder Wilde

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