Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 91 - May 15, 2017


What a great week here in Phil----- not there anymore, Wilkes-Barre!!!
Tensions have been high here in our quarters over in the one and only
Beaver Ct. after the Jazz were swept by the good guys (#godubs), but
other than that we are doing very well.

("At least we play well together on the Lord's team!  (How cliche' was that?")

Teresa is doing so well!  We taught her back-to-back days Friday and
Saturday -- it's been amazing to watch how the Book of Mormon is
helping her truly repent.

Latoya and her family are on fire!  It has been also AMAZING watching
the Book of Mormon and prayer bring that family together in a spirit
of unity.  I would have never have guessed this family making it this
far (I know, where is my faith?), but it's truly been inspiring and it
was quite the spectacular moment helping this mother get to church
with her family - I am so proud of them!

We have a baptism this Saturday for a kind man named John!  What a
great name, right dad?!  Elder Sandberg will be baptizing him, I'm so

We had Zone Conference this week, interviews with President, and I went
on an exchange with one of my Zone Leaders.  It was a packed week for

(Elder Lake and Elder Wilde)

At Zone Conference, I volunteered Elder Sandberg to do a role play in
front of everyone LOL it was so great - I don't think he was very fond
of that idea, but he did a great job.  I think everyday he probably asks
the question, "What ridiculous thing is my trainer going to have me do
today?"  Good times, good times.
We also met someone who told us he spent 13,000 years in hell, and so
that was also a pretty interesting story behind all that as well.
This week we are super busy too!  HOW ARE WE ON WEEK 5 OF THE TRANSFER?!

(Elder Wilde said:  "I forgot to mention that we started teaching a French family and they came to church.  The daughter is sooo cute.")

I had my last Skype call home today before I see my lovely fam in two

I just want to conclude by thanking my angelic mother.


I add my conviction to Elder Holland's when he said: "No love in
mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ
than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child.  Maternal
love has to be divine.  I can pay no higher tribute to anyone."
Through the thick and the thin, the ups and the downs, the one thing
that was and is always constant is her pure Christlike love for her
children and for all of God's children.

Elder Wilde

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