Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 97 - June 26, 2017


Keeping it short and simple this week.

Teresa got baptized.  She is amazing.

I got my flight itinerary -- my heart dropped!
We have been working with less active and inactive members and we had
  ten of them came to church yesterday -- AMAZING!
The senior couple here in Wilkes-Barre is the best -- literally love them.
I had interviews with President this week - I love that man.  He is amazing.


Just live the gospel and you'll be happy -- til next week.

In faith,
Elder Wilde

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  1. Hi Elder Wilde, I'm hoping you won't mind helping me spread the word about this to other Sisters/Elders still in the PPM, or others you know who might be interested, (like maybe your own mom!) so they can let their moms or local members know about and join the https://www.facebook.com/groups/1385195874930575/search/... It's mainly a group for the moms of PPM missionaries, but will of course include dads if they ask to join, as well as local members that know and are helping or serving with missionaries in their area. My son is heading there soon from the MTC, and the moms of our local missionaries have a page like this and it is AMAZING, so I want that for myself and others in the PPM. Thanks, and reading your blog has really helped me as a missionary mom! Sis Ross