Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mission Accomplished - Elder Wilde Returns Home July 20, 2017

After serving faithfully for two years on his Mormon Mission to Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Elder Wilde was now on his way home.  So many family members and friends patiently waited at the Salt Lake Airport for his arrival.


 There was lots of excitement while we all were waiting, but, also, some tears from those who were thinking about seeing our missionary after two years!
 As we were all waiting, who should come down the escalator, but Elder Wilde's Uncle Kevin who had been on a business trip!  We all cheered and had fun with the fact that he had a big welcome, too!
Finally, we saw Elder Wilde coming down the famous escalator from which all missionaries exit!
Mother gets the first hug!
Then Dad.
 Then younger brothers Preston and Tyson.
 Finally, older brother Bracken.  With both brothers' missions overlapping, they hadn't seen each other for 3 1/2 years!
Elder Wilde and his cousin, Connor, who returned from his mission a year ago have always been just like brothers, so they were excited to see each other, too!

 Elder Wilde and his cousin, Kade Copeland, were so happy to see each other and to spend a few days together before Elder Copeland will be leaving for his two-year Mormon Mission to Ecuador Quito North Mission.

Elder Wilde with his cousin, Taylor, who, served his mission in the exact same mission--Pennsylvania Philadelphia--but he was Spanish speaking.  They know many of the same people in the area.
In addition to family members, one of the missionaries who, also, served in the same mission with Elder Wilde was there--Devin Winstanley.  They were both so happy to see each other again.

Greetings for Grandpa Copeland . . .
 Grandma Copeland . . .
and Grandma and Grandpa Wilde.


Uncle Kevin and Aunt Angie and Family
Uncle Kyle and Aunt Kim and Family
Aunt Amy and Family
 Grandpa and Grandma Wilde, Uncle Tyler and Aunt Cari and Family, Aunt Julie and Family
Grandparents Copeland and Wilde
Grandparents Copeland with family friend, Sandy, who has watched Elder Wilde grow up!
 After all the greetings and hugs, it was time to gather the luggage and head out to lunch.
The favorite family eating place has been Chuck-a-rama for years--so naturally, that's where we all went. 
 There is something for everyone there, since it's a buffet--even for little guys like Copeland!
 The returning missionary and the missionary getting ready to leave.
After being released as a missionary in the afternoon (which was extremely difficult for Elder Wilde to do--he loved being a missionary sooo much!), it was time to shop for clothes for the now Parker Wilde, College Student.  Even after such an emotional, long day for Parker, he wanted to do one more thing before ending the day--go to Top Golf!  A large group of us went and had such a great time together!
 Even after not touching a golf club for two years, Parker still had great form and played very well!

It is so wonderful to have Parker home!  We are 
all so proud of all he did on his mission!  He definitely served the Lord with 
all his heart and has certainly "Returned with Honor!"  

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