Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 28 - February 29, 2016

Hello, everyone!  Hope you all had a splendid week!

I feel like I
blinked once and this week was already over, flew by for sure.  I also
can't believe it's basically March!  We had a fantastic week here in
Bayview, Maryland (make sure to say it with a redneck accent).  Elder
Tryon and I are being blessed so much!  The last time this area had
this much success was about a year ago.  It's nice to see our hard work
pays off.  I'll share a few experiences this week, mostly all good hah!
 (Elder Wilde at an investigator's farm.)


 (Nice little raccoon, he's friendly)
 (Nice little ferret, he's friendly)
(Nice little lizard, he's friendly)
So this is a miracle - we took a member couple out teaching with us
and we had a SOLID night set up.  However, that solid night just fell
through.  Each thing we had planned didn't work, we were frustrated and
a little embarrassed.  Then both of us were like, "We should go to
Janine's house," (lady taught three months ago, was about to get
baptized, had major health problems, had to go to hospital, nobody has
had any contact with her for the past 3 months), so we traveled the
distance praying she would be home.  We get to the house and to our
amazement the house has its lights on and cars there - knocked on the
door, and she was ecstatic to see the missionaries and members with

Fast forward a little bit, we shared a message with her and then
we offered to give her a blessing.  After the blessing, she told us she
hasn't felt the Spirit, hasn't felt this much or been at peace or this
much comfort for about three months (the last time missionaries talked
to her).  She was in tears, just bawling she was so happy.  She then
went on to tell us that she got out of the hospital just the day
before and that she has been praying for help.  I don't think it is a
coincidence that everything fell through that night and that Elder
Tryon and I both felt impressed to go see her.  I knew God wanted us to
be there and he did.  We were the answer to her prayer and it was a
The very next day, the exact same thing happened.  We took a member out
teaching with us and we had a few solid things lined up - everything
fell through... Elder Tryon and I basically just laughed in the car
and we were jokingly like, "Where does He want us to go now?!"  We knew
that there was somewhere we were suppose to be - so again we both felt
as if we should go see a lady named Sister Rodriguez, an inactive
member.  We had an appointment with her that night at 7:30, but we both
felt we should see her now (3:30), so we go to her house and the second
we arrived she was walking in the door... So we knock and she is
basically like, "How did you know I would be home?  I literally just got
here 5 seconds ago." -- fast forward -- She tells us she just visited
her son in jail for the first time in 9 years and she was so depressed
and so sad and so angry with God that she was about to basically just
go and get blacked out drunk.  She said on her way home she said a
prayer and wait for it - asked for help.  I do not think that us
showing up to her and helping her for the Spirit and preventing her
from doing that is a coincidence.  The Lord wanted us to be somewhere,
so we went.

I watched something this week where Thomas S. Monson -
Leader/Prophet/President of the church said, "The sweetest experience I
know in life is to feel a prompting and act upon it and later find out
that it was the fulfillment of someone's prayer or someone's need."

I think it was on Tuesday maybe Wednesday, we were outside knocking
doors, and all the sudden a ridiculous amount of rain just came down
and tons of wind - like 60-70 mph winds, it was crazy.  We were
drenched head to toe.  Anyways, basically as a missionary, you don't stop
working until you're told to - we weren't told to.  Anyways, as we
continued on the day we saw no one outside all day... No one.  Just
crazy winds and tons of heavy rain.  We are still knocking doors and
what not.  It's about 8:30 at night and we roll up to one of our
investigators house and he is like, "What are you doing out there, we
are on tornado watch.  Nobody is suppose to be out."  So we hurry and get
inside, completely drenched, have a short lesson, and then at the end
you can just hear outside the thunder and you can see the sky just
lighting up, wind blowing, rain pounding against the house.  Elder
Tryon and I were like... "This is not safe."   We all said a prayer
together with our investigator, of course, too, asking to get home safely
when we left the house.  The second we opened the door, the rain
stopped, the wind stopped, and the only lighting we could see was miles
and miles and miles away.
Miracles .... I swear.  The Lord blesses his servants!

Anyways, it was a great week.  There was so much more that happened, but
I felt like those experiences stuck out to me.

God bless, love you all.

Elder Wilde.

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