Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 29 - March 7, 2016

Hello, everyone! 

Hope all is well and things
are going great for you!  I don't have too much to write home about
this week.  My companion and I both got sick for like 4 days, a member
bought us Pizza Hut and the next morning we were both dead... But the
work continued.  We didn't want to sit Inside!  The worst part about it
is that we had trainings and meetings 30 minutes away two days in a
row that were three hours each.  We both felt like crap haha.  It was

We are good now though :-)  The work is picking up, we are so
blessed.  We have a few people with a baptismal date between now and
middle of April:  Timothy (51), Amy (19), Andreas (18), Josue (10),
Jose(15) and Macho(18), so we are really excited.

This week was a lot of meetings and us trying to find new people and
we had lots of lessons.  I don't really have too much to write home
about though.

I guess I'll share an experience with one of our investigators - Timothy.
Timothy grew up a Brennanite - became Pentecostal - joined the Muslim
faith - left the Muslim faith - looking for the truth.  His dad and
uncles were some of the worst criminals in all of PA (look up the
Matherly theft).  Anyways, he has gone through a TON his whole life.
It's been incredible to see him change and fight through his
conversion from being Muslim to Christian.  We watched "The Restoration"
video.  He was in tears, he felt the spirit so much - we left him to
watch the hour long "Prophet of the Restoration," texted us an essay
basically bearing his testimony, he read the testimony - TEARS!  It's
incredible to see the Spirit work within someone as they come to know
the truth.  Anyways, he's awesome, pray for him - the adversary is
working double time on him!

Sorry, not too much of an e-mail this week, just lots of meetings and what not.

I love the Book of Mormon, I love this church, Joseph Smith is a
prophet of God - why do people not understand, I have no idea.  Love you

Elder Wilde

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