Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 31 - March 21, 2016

Hello, everyone!  Hope you're all doing swell.
Wasn't the greatest week here in Bayview unfortunately.  I miss Philly.
It's hard being out in the middle of nowhere with not that many people
to talk to.  It seems like from 10-4 we are just wasting time with
knocking on doors... Nobody is ever home and the people that are home
just work from home and have no interest.  It's frustrating.  I'm lucky
I have a companion I can talk to or else I think I would go crazy.  He
always tells me, "Get use to this, Elder Wilde!  It builds character!"

                                               (Our new investigator loves hunting.)
                               (We talked to him about 45 minutes long after our
                    lesson ended--all about hunting.  We had a hard time getting out of the house.)

                                                           (Our lovely area!)
This week we got cussed out by two Methodist women, it was funny.  We
knocked on her door and Elder Tryon gave his door approach and then I
gave mine and she just slammed the door super hard in our faces, so we
chuckled as we walked away.  Then we started going to the next house
and she started screaming at us, "Don't you dare go to that house, no
one is home, get out of here!"  So we went to a house two houses down,
and then the lady from the house she told us not to go to came out and
started screaming at us with the other lady, "These two idiots must not
speak any English!  We told them to get out of here (nice version)!  We
are going to call the cops on you if you ever step foot on our
property ever again."  It was so funny.  They were commenting on how
stupid we were and it was embarrassment that we were holding a Bible
(I was holding my iPad), when all we were doing was asking to share an Easter
message.  I love "Christians."

Then we thought someone was burning
something in their backyard so we went to go see, and there was a
grill just burning coals.  Then in the garage there were these two
guys, so we start talking to them and they were like, "We are very busy
with a business deal," so we start walking away and this huge cloud of
smoke from weed hits us, we both were just like...... People are
so.... yknow.
Anyways, this week two of our investigators came to dinner with us at
a member's home which was awesome, Andreas(18) and Macho(17).  They love
the church; however, we have just found out a few... "obstacles" that
are going to be needed to be brought up next lesson... Should be
interesting - I know many teenagers that age have the same ones so we
will see how it goes.  It's hard because our ward doesn't really have
any solid youth to fellowship them.  We'll see what happens this week.
Pray for them.
Tim, our Muslim investigator has basically read the Book of Mormon and
is in love with it - Life is throwing him a curve ball right now,
testing his faith.  He isn't winning which drives me insane, but pray
for him.
We tracked out this lady two weeks ago (didn't get inside the house,
just talked outside).  She's about 35, I'd say, Melissa.  She's Baptist.
Anyways, we gave her a "Restoration" pamphlet to read and then we came
back and talked to her on the porch.  She had tons of questions that we
answered.  Turns out she buys clothes from a Mormon fashion designer,
who she loves.  Anyways, we started talking to her about the temple,
the Book of Mormon, prophets, priesthood, it was awesome.  She loved
it.  She was kind of like, "So do you have a testimony of your church?"
At that moment, I was like (a) I don't think she has a testimony of her
own church and (b) I've never had anyone ask me to bear my testimony.
I've always just done it.  Anyways, I told her I did, not thinking.  I
didn't even bear my testimony.  I got in the car after and man I felt
the Spirit just like, "You were just given a chance and you didn't do
it!"  Man, I was so upset with myself... Anyways, we will see her this
I went on exchanges this week with one of my zone leaders who started
his mission in South Philly, too.  We were up all hours talking about
it, it was fun.  He's a really awesome guy.  Anyways, he serves in the
young single adult ward and we were able to go teach a lot of people -
Man, does the Lord prepare people... Lemme tell ya, he and his
companion are being blessed!  He teaches a lot of Asian people, so I
started talking Chinese to them and they all were caught off guard.  It
was fun and kind of an instant way to bond.  Yes, even after all these
years I still remember bits and pieces of Chinese, and yes my Spanish
and Chinese often intertwine when I speak and people get confused.  I
do get my point across in the end though!
I've been reading a lot of different things (Old Testament, New
Testament, Book of Mormon) and the scripture that has stuck out to me
the most this week is a pretty common/popular one but it is:
1 Nephi 3:7: "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father:  I
will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know
that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he
shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which
he commandeth them."
We will all ALL, no matter who we are, face adversity, temptation,
hardship - whatever.  However the Lord always ALWAYS prepares a way for
us to get through it, just depends how hard we are willing to work to
find the path but more importantly stay on it.
Love you all.
Elder Parker Wilde

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