Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 42 - June 6, 2016

Hello there :-)
What a wonderful week!  Had some great lessons, met some great people,
twas nice.  I really don't have too much to report on, however.
(Elder Wilde said:  "Why is there an Audi R8 in rising sun?")

Amy is doing great, progressing well.  She will be getting baptized
soon.  Her hangup is if Joseph Smith is truly a prophet.  She studies a
lot, prays and fasts.  Christianity is such a foreign concept to her,
so she has come a really long ways which has been super amazing to
watch.  I may have mentioned this before, but she is just so fun to
teach because she is so open and will do what it takes to learn the
truth.  She's always asking questions and what not.  I think she has a
stronger testimony then her boyfriend who is already a member... lol.
Anywho, pray for her.

Last night a whole family came out with us from 6-9 and we had a list
of like 5 focus families.  They made cookies and what not and we
stopped by all their houses.  Laura their oldest daughter had a
spiritual message which she shared, pretty good.  Anyways, last family
was our biggest focus family.  The Trenkles.  I've spoken about them
before.  Husband is an inactive member.  He got hit by a car (gang
related) on his mission and has fallen away ever since.  His wife is
Catholic, wants to leave the church, has three kids.  We have gone to
make crab pots over there, we are pretty close.  He's so close to coming
back!!  Anyways, they met the family we came with and we ate crab
together and the Warrior game was on.  I just so clearly beckoned
them to turn it off because i just couldn't bring myself to watch even
a second of it, cough cough.  It was cool though.  We shared missionary
experiences with their family and they enjoyed it. 

Rosa is doing ok.  She came to church.... we don't really see her
besides at church because we aren't allowed to know where she is living
now and no men are allowed to see her.  Continue to pray for her.

This Thursday we have Zone Conference, excited to see everyone and
hear our Mission President's "dying words."  He goes home in two weeks.
I'll share a small experience.
We are teaching this new lady.  She's met with all these different
churches, apparently we are the last and only church she has not met
with (how is this always the case..?)  Anywho, we had planned to teach
the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but I just felt super
strong that that is not what she needed, so I called a little audible
taha!  anywho, i just felt like I needed to ask her, "Do you feel like
God loves you?"  So I asked her, and she just started bawling.  She
expressed all her feelings and emotions, things that have happened to
her in her life, etc.  It was  pretty crazy - anywho.  The Spirit was
super strong and I just leaned forward, and yes, Parker Wilde can be
serious at times--not always a goof, and I told her something along the
lines of, "I don't care where you came from, what you have done, how
much of a mess-up you may think you are, none of that matters.  What
matters is that we are sitting together right now, and I am telling you
that Father in Heaven loves you and he is aware of what you are going
through.  He has sent us, his servants, here to your home because you
are prepared.  You are ready to change your life around.  God will take
you as you are right now and will mold you into what He wants you to
become, so are you ready to do this or not?"  To summarize what she said,
- yes, she is ready.  

Anyways, that is the most pure, most beautiful
most true and amazing doctrine anybody can ever teach.  I hate when
other people from other churches tell their congregation that "they are
unworthy to pray to Him" or "He doesn't care about the small things
going on in your life," etc., etc. drives me insane.  God is your Father,
He loves you period.

Love y'all.  Have a good week.

Elder Wilde

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