Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 43 - June 13, 2016

Hey there! 

I can't believe that my cousin, Connor is home from his
mission Wednesday!  What a stud, so proud of him. I never thought he
would survive the jungles of Nicaragua.  He did though, so that's nice!

We had an awesome week here!  We had Zone Conference & it was super

Our Mission President and his wife gave their "dying
testimonies" since they leave this week.  The mission is going to miss them
so much, they are awesome.  Four zones got together and sang them a
goodbye song.  I don't have it but I'll try to get it so I can send it.

 Elder Wilde with his Mission President and his wife.

We talked a lot about the temple in Philly about to start having its
open house and we watched a few videos they made for it.  It was super
awesome - everyone was in tears.
We had Stake Conference and man it was SOOO good.  The speakers were
incredible.  One of the speakers was a returned missionary (Stake
President's son) giving his homecoming talk and he gave a great analogy
of the Atonement -  He said he had a friend in Brazil on his mission
and he and his companion had a sign saying, "Free Donuts," and once a
group of ten or so gathered they told them they would give them each
free donuts but before they received thedonut one of the companions
had to do 20 push ups for the person to get the donut.  Anyways, after
the 5th person got the donut, the missionary started to really
struggle with doing push-ups.  It was over 100 degrees on the cement.
The next person was basically like, "I don't want the donut.  I feel bad
for this guy."   The companion handing out the donut told him that he
was going to do the 20 push-ups regardless if he wanted the donut or
not.  So he did the push-ups and he got the donut.  The next guy told
the Elders that he would do the push-ups for the Elder instead of him
doing it, and the Elder passing out the donuts said that he couldn't and
only the missionary could do the push-ups in order to receive the

Once the 8th guy came to receive a donut, the missionary had a
bloody nose and could hardly do a few push-ups.  People were getting
upset and the missionary was in pain, but he finished all 200 push-ups
so everyone could receive a donut.  At the end, the missionaries both
got up and said something along the lines of, "Regardless if you accept
Jesus Christ or not in your life, he suffered and died and was
resurrected for all of you so that you could all get back to him
someday.  Regardless if you want to be a part of his fold or not, he did
this because he loves you and he was the only person who could do
this."  It was pretty touching.  I had heard the analogy before but for a
missionary to do that is pretty neat.
One of the speakers spoke about how Jesus Christ knows us individually
and helps us individually - not so much collectively.  He will go after
the ONE missing, the ONE astray.  Every ordinance is done by ONE person
for ONE person at a time.  He said it a lot better but it was interesting.

I was able to baptize a 14-year-old boy named Gabe yesterday.  A member
and I are trying to help him become a jockey... He's such a stud.  He's
come a long ways and he brought his family who we were able to talk
with about the church.  They are super interested.

Amy is still awesome.  She should be getting baptized in the coming weeks.
Hmmm at Zone Conference I got to see Elder Jolley, Elder Andrus, Elder
Uriostegui, Elder Jensen and a few others.  Love them all, I miss being
with them!  I'll attach some pics.
It was my companion's birthday on Sunday, so the Fletcher's (a family
in our ward) had a little surprise bday for him.  It was great.  I
ironed all his clothes while we were on exchanges.  That was my gift to
him lol
We had a lesson with an 18-year-old kid (a friend of a member) and at
the end of the lesson (we taught him a ton, he had tons of questions)
he was like, "Yeah, everything you're saying makes a ton of sense and
nobody has been able to answer these questions before.  Your religion
is pretty bulletproof," and I was like, "Well, it's Jesus Christ's church
and it's not 'our religion'.  It's God's kingdom on earth, so yes, it's
pretty bulletproof."
Oh man.. Thursday, this huge family that is a part of the military 
got promoted so they are going to Tennessee.  We packed a HUGE truck
for 10 hours in the sun, 100 degrees outside, scorching hot.... I got
so sunburnt... The truck weighed in at 30,000 pounds once it was
done... I was dead lol.  Lots of other lovely stuff happened as well!
I have transfer calls on Saturday Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweatSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweat

GOD BLESS, love y'all

Elder Wilde

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