Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 46 - July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July! 

We just had a great Stake (multiple churches)
breakfast and tonight we are going out with a family to see and watch
fireworks!  Very excited.
We had an awesome week.
Amy had a great time in Utah and she was able to see Temple Square and
felt the Spirit there for sure!  She was able to meet my family, too,
which was pretty cool.
 (Elder Wilde's family was able to meet Amy out in Utah, who they have been working with and lives in Elder Wilde's mission.)

We had a great miracle happen this week.  I have been praying for this
Hispanic who is inactive and has three unbaptized children.  We saw
them Saturday night and I told them I would fast for them in hopes
they would be able to bring their family to church and meet with the
bishop and prepare their children all to be baptized on the 31st.
Sunday they all came to church, met with the bishop, the father is
getting his life back in order and is preparing himself to baptize his
children on the 31st.  Please pray for them.  I went up with the kids in
church yesterday and helped them bear their testimony.  Cutest thing
Patty is doing well; however, we taught some of the commandments and
get this:  she drinks "4-5" pots of coffee a day (is that even
possible?) and smokes 10 cigarettes a day.... So I made her a little calendar
that would help her get off of both of those things by the 31st of
July.  She has the desire, pray for her as well!
One of our investigators is 17.  He drag races and we have met with
him a few times!  Anyway, he is super awesome, and he invited us to see
his drag race, so Saturday morning we went with a member who is
fellowshipping him and saw him and it was great.  We met the family and
everything.  He went and did a little race.  His car has like 1,000
horsepower and did a wheelie.... It's super nice.  We are going to
invite him to be baptized this week!

 (Elder Wilde shows a picture of his dog, Roscoe, who looks very much like the dog that the gentleman behind him is holding.)

We got to meet our brand new mission president this week.  His name is
President Randall.  He is stellar.  I'm so excited to work with him, and
his family is awesome too.  I have so much respect for people who leave
everything behind and lead and guide over 200 missionaries full time
for three years!  After that, we went with some other Elders and got
some cheese steaks in Philly and we took it to a park.  Out of
nowhere a huge rainstorm came and we all got absolutely drenched...
That was an unhappy but funny moment - come what may and love it!  I
also got to see my trainer and some other great missionaries, so
that's always nice!

Because it is the Fourth of July, I just wanted to end on saying how
grateful I am that the Lord blessed us with this land that we could
have freedoms that many people throughout the world couldn't have.  I
know that this is the Promised Land and that Christopher Columbus was
led here by the Spirit of God and that the founding fathers were Men
of God and were all called to help create the Constitution - it is a
divine constitution and because of the Constitution, the restoration of Jesus Christ's
primitive church could occur.  I'm thankful that I'm able to share the
gospel with the people in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Mission.

I invite you all to read these talks discussing the founding fathers and
the Constitution.

Elder Wilde

 (Elder Wilde included this picture of a throw-back time when he was companions with 
Elder Andrus.)

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