Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week 85 - April 3, 2017


Wow, what an exciting week it was here in Philadelphia!

First thing first -- the #PrinceOfPeace video came out and is on right there on the home page. Watch it and share it.

On Monday, Mark Jarman, the Director of Training at the Missionary
Training Center in Provo and Jason Mitchell, the Director of
Administration at the Missionary Department flew in to visit the
mission and conduct some trainings.  We went and met them at
President's home Monday evening.

Tuesday we had the opportunity to go out teaching with Mark Jarman....
I swear, just when you think you finally started figuring missionary
work out, you learn that you don't really have it figured out........

We had some "wonderful" lessons with Tai and Meredith, but wow did I
learn a lot about what I need to improve upon!  I'm excited to apply
what I was taught by him.

The next two days we were in Delaware and then Northern PA for two
leadership trainings.  Brother Jarman and Brother Mitchell trained us
all on the doctrine of Christ and our missionary purpose with a focus
on the importance of the Book of Mormon, prayer, and helping others
attend Sacrament.

I learned something interesting -- Prayer connects us to God, The Book
of Mormon (another testament of Jesus Christ) connects us to Jesus
Christ, and then as we partake of the Sacrament, we receive an added
portion of the Holy Ghost.  Thus these three things if not being done
on a routine basis prevent us from having access to the Godhead.

I actually had the opportunity to use these new teaching skills
directly after our Thursday training with our new investigator,

Meredith came teaching with us for the first time after having only
been a member of the church for a total of... four days.
We taught Rachel (another temple student, first lesson) at the chapel
across the street from the temple.  We gave her a tour of the chapel,
taught a 5-10 minute Restoration lesson, and then read 1 Nephi Chapter
1 verse 1 and discussed that for about 20 minutes.  She was on Cloud 9,
so we invited her to be baptized and she said yes and so she is
getting baptized at the end of April.  Then we taught her how to
pray, and she prayed for the first time on her knees with us.  After the prayer she said, 

"I feel so empowered and feel so different from
before," and I said, "That's the Spirit!  God allows us to feel that
whenever we have made a correct choice or when he wants us to know
something is true."

Friday, we had golden re-training which is where all the new
missionaries and their trainers come and meet back up after four weeks
and we do additional trainings.  It was a really great time.

Meredith is working on her family history (and she lives right next to
the very first street made in America, so we got a good pic of that)

for the temple trip on Friday.  Tom, our other recent convert from
Doylestown, is getting the priesthood this week and then going to the
temple on Friday for the first time as well.  Tai is getting baptized
on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.  Does life get any better?

General conference was incredible, as usual.  Just read the Book of
Mormon like President Monson advised us to.  Stop being of the world -
you'll only find despair.  Be ALL IN, lukewarm commitment never got
anyone anywhere.  Stop looking around you and look up more - the praise
of man won't ever bring everlasting satisfaction.  Get a dictionary so
you can understand what on earth Elder Holland said.  The church is
true.  I love this city.  Love y'all too.

Elder Wilde

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