Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week 87 - April 17, 2017

Hello, Happy Easter!

What a bittersweet ending it was to the Elder Andrus Elder Wilde duo.  We loved serving with each other in the great city of Philadelphia for 7 1/2 months!  So many incredible people we were able to teach together. 

 Seth and Kendy
 "Our main man, Mike from South Phila"
 China town -- always a good time
 The crew at the Grange!

It could not have been a better week to close out our time together in the YSA.  It was an amazing Easter Sunday, and I, like Elder Holland, add my thanks "to Him and the Father, who gave Him to us, that Jesus still stands triumphant over death, although He stands on wounded feet.  I thank Him and the Father, who gave Him to us, that He still extends unending grace, although He extends it with pierced palms and scarred wrists."
We were able to take Meredith and Tom to the temple on Thursday and we were accompanied by some of our amazing members.  We were blessed to find somewhere around 25 names for Meredith to take to the temple which included both of her grandmas.  It was such a great experience seeing her be baptized on their behalf. 

"Our Thursday temple trip!"
Meredith and Vanita  

Meredith taught her first Gospel Principles class today and absolutely killed it - she is so excited to get her Patriarchal Blessing this Thursday. 

I gave a little talk in Sacrament, it was nice to say a few last words!

This week I will spend a few days with the new Assistants helping them get ready for the upcoming transfer.

Tomorrow is transfers so that should be exciting, always a good time.  Wednesday, we take the departing missionaries to the airport and then pick up the new missionaries a few hours later. 

On Thursday, I will get my golden (new missionary) and then head up to Wilkes-Barre!

In April 1986, a talk entitled "Happiness" was given by Elder Goaslind:
"The implications of the question, “Are we having fun yet?” are profound.  How many people in this world pursue happiness but find that it eludes them?  They contrive pleasures, invent amusements, and invest heavily in recreation.  They go abroad in search of this rare gift but fail to see that evidence of it is all around them; the source is within them. 
Our wise and loving Father in Heaven is concerned for the welfare of his children.  He desires to see us happy.  The very purpose of our lives can be defined in terms of happiness.  The Prophet Joseph Smith said, 'Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it.'
The suffering that results from sin is most tragic because through our own choices we can choose to avoid it.  We have that power.  We also have the capacity to repent of our sins and to experience the sweet joy of forgiveness.  If we are unhappy, let us examine ourselves to see where we need to repent.   If we have questions about what we need to do, or not do, we need only listen to our conscience and follow the promptings of the Spirit.
Striving for happiness is a long, hard journey with many challenges.  It requires eternal vigilance to win the victory.  You cannot succeed with sporadic little flashes of effort. Constant and valiant living is necessary."

I thank God for The Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Wilde

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