Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 51 - August 8, 2016

Hello there!

What a splendid and eventful week it was here, to say the least.
We were blessed with another baptism and it was incredible.  

Also, after six months of serving here in Bayview, MD, I have been asked to now go
and serve elsewhere as a Zone Leader.


I am going to miss this place - it was so bittersweet to say goodbye
to everyone.  I'm going to miss all the wonderful people that I've been
so blessed to work and serve with.  I'm so thankful the Lord allowed me
to be the vessel in helping many of his children enter the waters of
baptism as well as help more of his children be more active and
obedient faithful disciples once again!  All we, like sheep, have gone
astray - but the Good Shepherd will always gather his flock!

Destiny was baptized by her cousin Tyrelle, who is an interesting
young man but nevertheless he performed the task (it took him three
tries :D)  The young women jumped all over her and fellowshipped and
loved her.  It was really great to see the whole ward come together and
love this young girl.  She will be taken care of - no doubt.

On another exciting note:   After months of making crab pots with
brother Trenkle and fellowshipping with him, we went over to his
house Tuesday night and had one of the most spiritual lessons I've had
on my mission.  It was actually our first lesson with them.  It wasn't
even suppose to be a lesson!  Anyways, after bearing testimony of how
the gospel can rekindle broken relationships, bring peace into our
life and allow our families to be together for time and eternity, I
asked them if they would attend church just once as a family before I

It was the best thing ever to see all five of them show up,
dressed up with smiles.  I fasted and prayed that the ward might come
together and allow them to have a very spiritual experience.  Before
the meeting closed, I was able to bear my testimony and just express my
thanks and gratitude to the ward, but more importantly how we need to
magnify our callings so we can help all of our brothers and sisters
return to the church.  Anyways the second the closing prayer ended, many
of our members just attacked them with love and threw their arms
around them and it was awesome.  The wife absolutely loved it, kids
felt loved.  I know that helping that family was one of my key purposes
here in this area, and I pray that soon they will all enter the waters
of baptism and go to the temple to be sealed as a family.

On a separate note, one of the Apostles of the church came to visit the
Philadelphia temple and he took a group of Catholic Priests on a
private tour... Game over.  He spoke to the youth at an event and
apparently when he walked into the room, all the chatty teenagers
(members and non-members) went absolutely silent and you could feel a
pin drop.  A few of the non-members said they felt the Spirit so
strongly when he walked in, and they weren't even sure why!  Haaha.

Well, I love all of you and I thank you for your support.  It means the
world and more.  I LOVE THIS WORK!

God bless!
Elder Wilde

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