Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 52 - August 15, 2016

I am in New Jersey!  My companion is Elder Holden.  He is from Lehi,
Utah.  We are both brand new to the area.  He has been out for about 20
months.  He's a stud of a missionary, super excited to learn from him.

We had an awesome first week here together.  We are already being
blessed!  We spent most of our time trying to make our way through the
ward lists and setting up return appointments, basically just trying
to meet everyone.  Tons of nice people that we are very excited to work
with.  We taught a lot this week and we were definitely blessed with
finding some great new investigators.

(Click on the link above to learn more about and see interior pictures of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple)
The ward is a lot smaller then anything I've ever been in.  I think it
has somewhere around 50-60 people... Maybe?
It's cool though, everyone knows each other and when our investigators
arrived everyone jumped on them so that was super cool to see as well.

One of our investigators who is named Beena, accepted a baptismal date
for September 11th.  She used to be Hindu (from India) and then when
she came to America learned about Christianity and now she is learning
about the church.  She has such strong faith and we are very excited
for her - She loveeeeeed church.

So both coming into the area new, the apartment had hardly any food,
so one night after an appointment, we didn't have too long and so we
decided to eat out.  We ended up going to Chick-fil-a, and as we were
there, this lady named Mary came up to us and she worked there.  She
asked if we were LDS, and she told us how she had a friend on a mission
and that she had read the whole entire Book of Mormon and went through
all of the discussions on her own and how she use to meet with sister
missionaries years ago but they left and nobody came by.  Anywho, she
was asking tons of questions and wants to meet up again this week -
super prepared!  We are very excited.  Chick-fil-a is a place of
miracles! :)

Yknow, tons of awesome stuff happened this week it would take me too
long to type it out!

Elder Holden and I have had a great time to get to know each other, but
we have spent a long time talking about what makes a good missionary
and a good disciple of Christ.  We came to the conclusion that
everything revolves around charity.  All of the people we work with,
all of our friends and family - everyone in the world just wants to
feel loved and that they are trusted.  I definitely have seen as we
love these people as God would love them, they have a special drive to
them, they have increased faith and desire.  There are sadly so many
less active members out there and truly if we were to do our job and
just love these people, they would come back to the fold--maybe not
right away but over time.  Anywho, that is a principle that I'm still
trying to work on, loving everyone I meet.

I'm super thankful for this gospel.  I'm excited to go to work here in
Cherry Hill.
I miss Bayview, I love those people so much.  So grateful for all of
the incredible experiences I've had there.  I won't forget them!

Love you all,

Elder Wilde

1200 Little Gluocester rd
Clementon, Nj, 08021
Apt. 1410

P.s. I've never had a year in my life go by faster... SLOOOWWW DOWN!

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