Saturday, August 22, 2015

Farewell Parties

A wonderful farewell party was held at the Wilde home on Sunday evening after Elder Wilde spoke in Sacrament Meeting.  Many church members and friends were in attendance.

 The banner was so fun.  It had a home with little dotted lines which reached to the state of Pennsylvania and city of Philadelphia.  It said:  "From Brotherly Love (and included Elder Wilde with his three brothers) to the City of Brotherly Love.  We love you, Elder Wilde."

 A very good friend of the family made so many creative, delicious desserts for the occasion.
 The desserts included missionary badges, missionaries . . .
white shirts and ties . . .
 Philadelphia cheesecakes . . .

 brownies, chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread squares . . .
and little Books of Mormon.
 So many wonderful people came to wish Elder Wilde the best.


 Meanwhile, Elder Wilde's Uncle Tyler and brother, Tyson, had fun in a challenging game of ping pong.

 While Elder Wilde's littlest brother enjoyed the trampoline with his cousins and friends.

 And now there will be two Elder Wildes!  Elder Wilde in Sydney, Australia.  (The friend had even made a little kangaroo cookie for the missionary in Australia) and . . .
 and now the newest Elder Wilde who will be going to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

 The next evening, a farewell party was held for Elder Wilde which included all of his closest friends.

 It was a wonderful evening for all of his friends to understand a little more of where he is going and what he has chosen to do for the next two years.
 And Elder Wilde's younger brothers are preparing now in their lives to do the same as their two older brothers are doing--being missionaries and serving the Lord.

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