Saturday, August 22, 2015

Farewell to Family and Friends in Utah - August 16, 2015

Elder Wilde's family traveled to Utah to finish purchasing the items he would need for his mission, give him a chance to say "good-bye" to family and friends there, and then take him to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.  The farewell party in Utah was held at his Grandparents Willard and Linda Wilde's home.  Again, this was such a wonderful time for everyone to visit and enjoy this wonderful occasion.

 Elder Wilde with some of his Copeland cousins:  Brady, Hannah, Jenna, Lauren, and Kade; along with Elder Wilde's brother, Tyson.
 The food was so great, but even better were the reunions that took place that day!
 Elder Wilde's uncle and aunt
 Elder Wilde's Great grandmother who is 95 years young, along with Elder's Wilde aunt and uncle.
 Uncle Kyle and Cousin Carter--the next Copeland cousin who is planning to serve a mission in a year.
 Great friends of the Wilde family who they have known since they were first married and lived in Orlando by each other.
 Copeland cousins and little brother, Preston
 More Copeland cousins and Ellie, married to Elder Wilde's cousin, Taylor, who was on a business trip and couldn't attend
 Another wonderful family who became friends of the Wilde's when they lived in Virginia.
 The mother in this picture has been a family friend of all the Copelands since she attended school with the oldest three Copeland kids in junior high.
 Great family friends of the Wildes who they got to know in Shanghai when they lived there.
 Elder Wilde with his Aunt Kim and Uncle Kyle
 Elder Wilde with family friends of the entire Wilde family.
 The father in this picture has been friends with Elder Wilde's dad since they were in junior high school together. 
 Elder Wilde with his cousin, Kelsey, and Aunt Natalie
 Elder Wilde and his wonderful 95-year-old grandmother
 Three generations
 Four generations
 Elder Wilde with his parents and both sets of grandparents
 Elder Wilde's mother with three of her best friends in high school--Cami; her now sister-in-law Angie, and Kim
 Elder Wilde's Aunt Julie and her two children
 His Uncle Kevin and Aunt Angie
 Another of his mother's best friends since elementary school, Anne
And last, but certainly not least, is Sandy who has helped our family in so many ways, as well as one of the most loyal friends anyone would ever want since all of the Copeland kids were young.  Again, she was there to help out and show her support!

What a great day seeing so many people, some who we hadn't seen for years!  They all expressed their love to the Wilde family and gave their best wishes for a fantastic missionary experience for Elder Wilde.

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