Saturday, August 22, 2015

Setting Apart as a Missionary, Enjoying a Family Meal Together, and Entering the MTC

The long awaited and anticipated day finally arrived:  August 19, 2015--the day that Elder Wilde would be entering the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.  He would first need to be set apart as a missionary.  This took place in the MTC and Elder Wilde's family and both sets of grandparents were able to attend this special blessing.
 Entering the MTC to be set apart.


 Great experience for younger brothers who have now gone through this two times with their two older brothers.

 Elder Wilde along with his Grandfather Wilde, his dad, a member of the MTC Presidency who officially set him apart as a missionary, and his Grandfather Copeland.  This is the priesthood ordinance of giving authority to members called to labor in specific responsibilities.  It is done by those  having the proper priesthood authority and by the laying on of hands.    He was given a beautiful blessing and many promises were made if he would devote these next two years to the Lord and be obedient in all his responsibilities.
 As we passed the world map, we had Elder Wilde point to where he would be serving--Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Elder Wilde with his mother.  We had all been guests in the MTC for this special blessing and setting apart, but in a few hours, Elder Wilde would be back again to start the best two years of his life!
 Elder Wilde was asked where he would like to eat his final dinner with his family for two years, and he chose pizza and one of the most popular pizza places in Provo--The Brick Oven.  It was definitely a great choice!
 We then drove over to a grassy area in front of the Provo Temple to take a few last pictures with Elder Wilde.

 And then, too soon, it was time for the grandparents to say "good-bye."  What a wonderful grandson Elder Wilde is.  We are all going to miss him for two years, but couldn't be prouder of the choice he has made to serve this mission.  Good-bye to Grandma Copeland . . .
 Grandpa Copeland . . .
 Grandma Wilde . . .
and Grandpa Wilde.
 Then came the hardest part of all.  His family drove him to the MTC for the second time today, but this time, they would say good-bye for two years.
 Saying "Good-bye" to his brother, Tyson . . .
 and little brother, Preston. 
 Moms seem to be the most emotional.

 But, dads get emotional, too. 

And he's off--although he won't see his family or friends for two years, may only e-mail  home once a week, and may only call home twice a year (on Christmas and Mothers' Day), we all know this is one of the most growing times in a young man's life.  By serving the Lord and serving his fellowmen, which he will do the next two years, he will grow and become the person that the Lord wants him to be.  We all will miss his contagious smile and loving personality--one of the most positive persons I know, but we wish him well and will continually pray for him in all he does in this worthy work.

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